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The Game - What is TendoWX?

TendoWX is a clone of the Windows 3.11 game Tendo.
My mother really wanted to play this game again, but it doesn't run under Windows XP or ME.
So I needed an solution.
My first idea was to use an emulator, but my mother didn't know how to use it.
So there was only one way left, to reprogramm the game!

TendoWX is written in C++ and uses the wxWidgets Library.
With the help of some tools, I have extractet the original grafics and sounds.
But the sounds and the backgroundmusic were very anoying, so I only used the grafics.
For a better and modern look, I changed the background of the board.
On the following two screenshots you can see the differences.

Old LookNew Look
The Bord Beginner in the old Look The Board Beginner in the new Look